Full-Scale Events

Our Event Planning Process

Through our unique network of connected sponsors we can plan out an entire event from start to finish while maintaining organizational oversight. 

Consultation & Interview

  • We’ll ask questions to get to know who you are
  • We will find out what you are looking to accomplish
  • Your current budgetary constraints
  • If you have any sponsors lined up
  • What are your deadlines
  • Then we’ll found out what else you can tell us about the proposed event

Negotiation & Agreement

  • Based on what information you’ve shared with us, we will negotiate an agreement including:
  • Deliverables like marketing materials, videos, photography,  graphics, banners, and promotional items
  • Marketing agreements through available Social, local, and connected channels
  • Estimated expenses 
  • Expected timelines for each step of the event planning process
  • Anchoring sponsors of which we take 35% of all sponsorship money for management expenses
  • Any other agreements that make your project stand out from the crowd

Example Events We Can Put on

  • Talk Show’s
  • Musical Concerts
  • Sport Events
  • Trade Show’s
  • Expo’s* Fashion Show’s-Promotional Events-
  • VIP Promotions and (meet and greets)* Podcasts
  • Pop Up-Events* Higher Education-Events (Apprenticeship/Mentorship)
  • Tastings-Food and Beverage

Would you like to partner with us?

Together, we can take your business to the next level, while also impacting our community for good.

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