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"Indy's Superhero"

“Indianapolis native son boxing champion Anthony Sims.

Has arrived back in “Naptown” for his followup boxing show event. Naptown Rumble 2.

The first show has proven to have had successful results.

Excellence Live Productions and Magic Productions are uniting in both our initiatives for our youth.

In our “Stop” the Violence movement. Promoting the message and building more momentum that will have impact throughout the city of Indianapolis.

Anthony saw the need to produce an attraction here in his hometown that focuses on change and creating a new mindset to uplift our youth.

We’re in full support of his efforts and will drive towards producing other near future events in the hope of bringing more peaceful solutions for conflict resolution in what has become an epidemic for our city.

In our efforts together, we’ll strive to display leadership as well as mentorship with excellence.

credit: WRTV

"Just Be Kind to Kids" Youth Outreach

I’m blessed to get the opportunity, from my Godmother:

Rochelle Forrest Hankins

To change these kids lives

They have been disciplined to showing up every week.

To work hard and learn new life skills.

Without a Doubt, they have shown that they are a community that understands;

Without “Team Work” there isn’t any success.

Once being in their shoes, I also had to learn through the game of football.

That it can help you grow through life circumstances.

I love each and everyone of these kids.

As I’m hoping to DIRECT them into a better life.

But better yet, they are helping me become a better person too.”

– Coach Prince Johnson

The Johnson's Family Reunion 2023

Company Spotlight: "Gifted Gourmet"

“Hello, my name is Jessica Hall, and I am the Founder and CEO of Gifted Gourmet. Baking has always been my passion. Sharing this love of cooking with others gives me joy. Like my business name, Gifted Gourmet, I have been given a Gift from God, and I love to share my gifts, talents, and love through my food creations.

Gifted Gourmet was created out of a passion and a vision to share love through food. The goal is to make people smile as they enjoy eating food crafted by Gifted hands. Along with choice ingredients, each dessert and menu item is created with a whole lot of heart and soul. Gifted Gourmet is more than a catering company, it’s a culinary experience wrapped in Love.”

Product Spotlight: "I'm a Jerk" jerk sauce Promotion

“I’m Andre Moore and I’m from Chicago. I am a classically trained chef. Cooking food is my passion and creating smiles with my food is what I love to do.”

We are thrilled to be able to support Andre and his new product launch of “I’m a Jerk” jerk sauce.

Company Spotlight: "Radaker Media"

“As the owner and sole operator of Radaker Media, Paul Radaker has been providing video services for the central Indiana area for over a decade, and is passionate about creating high-quality videos that tell a story and showcase brands. He uses the latest equipment and software to deliver videos that are crisp, clear, and engaging.”

Evan and Gabby's Wedding at Turkey Run State Park

Congratulations to Evan and Gabby! May they have an excellent marriage with innumerable joyous days ahead of them!

The Johnson's Family Reunion 2022

Athletes in Action at the 2022 Superbowl Kick-off

Celebrating one of your “Own,” at the festivities in Los Angeles, California.

Prince's Graduation Party

It was a powerful and momentous occasion celebrating Prince’s hard work and dedication. We are immensely proud of Prince! Here is a video and some pictures from the event.

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Our New Office

Our office

The New Home Office, of Excellence Live Productions. In the new Office Evolution’s Complex Building. In the downtown, City of Fishers, new business district.

Family Christmas Brunch

We had a great time at our annual Christmas Brunch fellowshipping with friends and family.

Entrepreneur Highlight

One of our entrepreneurs of the month. April Johnson is the proud owner of “ADJ” Cleaning Services. Her janitorial services provide the needs for commercial cleaning and cleaning houses. In the cities of Indianapolis, Fishers and Greenwood. As well as other surrounding areas.

We are pleased to endorse this fine establishment, as one of our community network businesses. This company drives a work ethic, of “excellence” into our communities.