Our Founder

My journey, as a woman of self-empowerment and faith, is an inspirational element of my destiny. As a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and enhanced by the creative influences of the Southwest, my work has evolved as a locally and nationally recognized promoter.

I’m experienced in the development of production for events, film, direct video, and publishing. This is in the entertainment and professional sports industry, as well as the health/wellness industry. In addition to organic design and health food manufacturing. At “Live Excellence” we’re big at being advocates for higher educational programs. We produce higher educational summits and develop national multicultural expo tours.

My experience for over thirty-five years is in consultation, marketing, promotions and entertainment networking. This experience comes from the industries of wellness, corporate marketing, fashion modeling and the entertainment industries across the USA.

In serving a wide array of clientele, including but not limited to; entertainment and sport’s celebrities, government officials, corporate professionals, the jewel industry, aerospace engineering, spiritual leadership, such as ordained ministers, Rabbinical and Vatican priests.

We’re promoting the concept of “Higher Living” education for people with a focus of higher consciousness, physical wellness, and economic prosperity. Along with the use of film production, video, music, publishing and manufacturing.

I’m striving to be a success and devoted to inspiring universal harmony, by giving individuals a new voice.

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