Our Team

Star Johnson

Founder and Principal

My journey, as a woman of self-empowerment and faith is an inspirational element of my destiny. As an native of Indianapolis, Indiana and enhanced by the creative influences of the Southwest. This evolved my work as a locally and nationally recognized promoter. 

I’m experienced in the development of production for events, film, direct video, and publishing. This is in the entertainment and professional sports industry, as well as the health/wellness industry. In addition to organic design and health food manufacturing. At “Live Excellence” we’re big at being advocates for higher educational programs. We produce higher educational summits and develop national multi cultural expo tours.  

Wendy Jenkins

Project Manager

Wendy Jenkins has been an Indianapolis, IN based Child Care Owner for over 20 years.  During such time, Wendy has conversed with many parents whom needed assistance in either getting back into the work world or climbing the corporate ladder.  The issue Wendy found was that there was a lack of quality community resources that helped these parents get back into the new and modern-day job atmosphere that they have been displaced from for some time.  Naturally, Jenkins believed that she could acquire the necessary resources, tools, and experienced personnel, to create the Jenkins’ Career Corner, Inc; a non-profit program that helps the entire family with various resources.

Rochelle Forrest Hankins

Community Activist / Health Expert

Author Rochelle Forrest Hankins is a passionate and spirited holistic health coach who has spent a lifetime dedicated to helping other people heal their lives. She has been a Registered Nurse for over 27 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Masters in Science in Management and the most important designation of all, L.E. (Life Experience).

As part of her dedication to healing, Rochelle became involved in children’s charities. Shelly and the Circle of Light gave Rochelle a way to help fill the hearts and minds of needy children even as she worked to help support them in more practical ways. A portion of the proceeds from every book is donated to support children in need. Philanthropy, or what Rochelle likes to call “love in action”, is what drives Rochelle. She knows that when “Tummies, Minds, and Spirits” are fed, people, particularly children, become empowered. 

To this end she has created her foundation, TMS, which works to implement comprehensive, reproducible models of education and life skill training that communities can use to break the chain of poverty at the community level, focusing on children. Rochelle’s foundation is supported in part by her children’s book Shelly and the Circle of Light and the Shelly Shines Activity Book along with the Shelly Shines online community which encourages philanthropy and community involvement for young people here in the US.

Robby Edwards

Financial Consultant / Real Estate Concierge

Robby Edwards has advised numerous business leaders in the process of creating exponential growth and long-lasting impact. With his experience as a former securities advisor, and as the founder of Firm Foundation Property Group LLC-a dynamic real estate investment company-he brings a unique and rounded perspective to the world of enterprise. His work with Excellence Live Productions has included the development and coordination of the Financial Literacy Empowerment Brunch, which highlights various opportunities and resources available to entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life. In addition, he has partnered with Excellence as a real estate business concierge, educating individuals and groups on strategies that can lead to real results, and, in turn, can move them closer to creating generational wealth for many years to come.

Aaron Beach

Website / Media Specialist

Aaron’s been in the website industry for over a decade providing expert consultations, website custom development, media strategy and oversight. Star connected with him on LinkedIn and found that it was a partnership made by Heaven. He’s been helping Excellence Live Productions with their website and media needs while also supporting their events with his web company, Code of Grace LLC

Adam Beach

Administrative Assistant / Liaison

Adam has years of experience in volunteer work and assistance in community charity events. He has a background in workflow and resource management and task assignment, as well as customer service and extensive experience in handling stationery. Adam assists in coordination with the team and isn’t afraid to lend a hand at a moments notice.

Will Garth

Will Garth

Film Director / Producer

Will Garth is a well focused individual with excellent leadership skills, specializing in advanced IT & Media Services, including film direction, photo, visual graphics, video graph, photograph, and brand ambassadorial services. In addition to his creativity, he excels at troubleshooting and diagnostics and problem solving skills. With proficient communication skills & people skills, he has a very diverse understanding of vast different work environments, while bilingual with a second language in German. His strong IT background made the transition into media and visual arts a natural task. Specializing in all things media, social media & technical fields with a strong fashion influence as well.

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